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Company ASTRA ITB LLC, located in Milutina Milankovica street, no. 25 / 60, Belgrade, sucessfully operate business activities on domestic and foreign market since the year 1992. Our business field is mostly foreign and internal trading with products of wood industry, chemical industry and energetics, but for already a few years now, we are also involved in manufacturing industry, production of wines and raising wineyards. More informations about this part you can see on our other web presentation .

Our company closely cooperate with a few Ukrainian companies within above mentioned activities, but especialy with two, Color Sim and SP Fresh. With those companies we operate by exclusive contracts.

Company SP Fresh produce oak parquet, oak elements for furniture, 3-layer laminate scantlings etc., only by the orders and instructions from our company. Directly from production, for almost two decades, we export oak parquet and oak elements for furniture on European market, especially Scandinavian market, Sweden and Finland, where we operate with customers based on a yearly agreed quantities. We also supply domestic market with certain quantities of oak parquet for a long time now. Distribution of oak parquet is organized as retail sale as well as wholesale, but oak elements we coulf offer only based full truck quantities.

Most of our business activites are performed with company Color Sim, which produce road colours – acrilic, cold plastic and thermo plastic, car refinishers, industrial paints. Very soon they should start production of resins for Coating industry. At the moment we presented road colours on domestic market, acrilic and cold plastic, which are applied, only in testing purposes, on a few main locations in Belgrade, Nish, Sombor, Mali Idjosh and Pozega... More information about this company products, you could see on our web site as well as directly on the web site of Color Sim .

In the field of energetics we could offer you glass, porcelain and polimer insulators with equipment, also from our ukrainian partners, as well as transmission line towers.

Our diversify activities, as well as way of business, reflect our possibilities and willingness to explore every interesting business oportunity.

All employees in our company will be pleased to respond to any question, suggestion or business proposal you may have. We sincerely hope that in this brief review of our business activities you will managed to find a reason to contact us.



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